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How does Mini Split/VRF System Help the Nature and Save Your Money?

All VRF systems provide energy savings by varying compressor speed and matching the output of the system as closely as possible to the load.  In addition, VRF systems do not experience the same energy losses as systems that move conditioned air through ductwork.   However, differences in design in the available outdoor units will influence the efficiency level that is achieved. 

Cost Effective Installation

Depending on the application, the installation of a VRF system can be a cost effective alternative to traditional systems that require ductwork or large pipe sizes, and pumps and boilers in the case of chilled water systems.

Mini Split System Installation in Encino, Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles Great Area  


Mini Split System / VRF System has an outstanding features which help You to keep comfortable temperature in Your house, save your money and reduce damage to the Nature.

Every time turning on Your Mini Split System / VRF System You will be sure You use green technology and take part in protecting environment.

Andes Air Conditioning specializes in "green" AC technologies. Our team is trained and certified to install Mini Split Systems / VRF Systems. We do as much as we can to install energy efficient AC unit in each house. However we understand that Mini Split Systems / VRF Systems installation could be very expensive

Andes Air Conditioning offers HERO Financing by Renovate America. It provides homeowners access to innovative financing for energy- efficient home improvements, which can help lower your utility bills, and may increase your property value.

Make your home ECO FRIENDLY and COMFORT is easy 


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