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Mini Split System Installation in Encino, Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles Great Area  

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Make your home ECO FRIENDLY and COMFORT is easy 


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Kinds of VRF Systems

The VRF systems available on the market today differ according to the number and type of compressor. The 3 types of units that will be compared here are: 
- Single Variable Speed Compressor

In this system with a single, large-capacity scroll compressor, the same compressor starts and runs when there is demand and no redundancy is available if the compressor fails.  

- Variable Speed Compressor Plus Fixed- Speed Compressor

In this two-compressor system, the inverter-driven compressor always starts and ramps up until it reaches its maximum capacity at which time the fixed-speed compressor starts and the inverter- driven compressor ramps down.  This system provides back-up capability. 

- Multiple Variable Speed Compressors 

Outdoor units with multiple inverter-driven twin rotary scroll compressors, offer the most complete set of advantages achievable with a VRF system. The system with 3 inverter-driven compressors also provides greater back-up capability.


If one of the compressors fails, the system will continue to operate at 67% of its original capacity, and comfort will be maintained in the conditioned space until the faulty compressor can be replaced. 
The starting sequence of the compressors is rotated, equalizing their operating time and thereby minimizing excess operation of an individual compressor. Multiple inverter-driven compressors allow the unit to provide better part load performance without the need to use hot gas bypass. Under low-load conditions, the system has the advantage of running only as many compressors at whatever speed is required to achieve the capacity necessary to satisfy the load and maintain comfort within the conditioned space.   

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Make your home ECO FRIENDLY and COMFORT is easy 


(844) 542 6337

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