Toshiba and Carrier VRF System Advantages

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Our Team is now certified for Toshiba Carrier VRF System installation and maintenance

Toshiba Carrier VRF System is easy to design, install, operate and maintain. The entire system can be managed from a central location or monitored remotely - perfect for sprawling campus or a building with a range heating and cooling needs. Timely alerts aid in maintaining system and keeping it running smoothly.


A single outdoor VRF System can operate up to 64 independent indoor units, depending on the system.


This provides superior zoning because refrigerant flow varies from location to location, delivering only necessary capacity to each and every zone. VRF Systems are available up to 38 tons in heating recovery and heat pump.

Benefits and Features

Simultaneous heating and cooling allow you to heat and cool different rooms at the same time which minimizes energy loss and improves climate control.

The first manufacturer to offer a single phase VRF heat recovery system, which seamlessly integrates with the three-phase VRF system

Compact equipment means a smaller footprint. No dedicated maintenance rooms or service shafts required.

Layout can be easily reconfigured as building needs change

Offers i-Vu interface package for integration with other Carrier systems and enhanced BMS controls

Longer pipes lengths and increased pipe flexibility.

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Energy Efficiency: IEER Performance

Toshiba Carrier enhancements to the e-Series have delivered industry leading efficiency

This great energy efficiency achievement is the most important and evident result of the 4 new core technologies innovations.  

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