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You will be happy to work with us, If you represent a Property Management Company. We have special offers for maintenance programs for big, medium and small Property Management Companies.

Andes Air Conditioning provides wide range of HVAC Services, but our specialization is Energy Efficient Technologies such as VRF/VRV and etc.

If You are looking for new Energy Efficient Solutions for your buildings, You are in the right way!

HVAC Maintenance Programs for Property Managment

We have special offers for maintenance programs for big, medium and small Property Management Companies. We draw up each HVAC maintenance program individually, taking into account the specifics of your buildings and the date of their construction. Our company understands the deep differences between residential and commercial buildings HVAC Maintenance Program.

Why work with Us?

Choosing us as your partner, you get 3 essential options which save your head from any worries:
1. An individual plan for each of your objects. We will think for you what to maintenance options needs each building. 
2. A personal manager, with whom you can contact on any question.
3. A professional team, which is gonna be prepared exactly for your HVAC service needs.

HVAC Maintenance Programs for Residential Buildings

HVAC Residential Building Maintenance Program takes care about each apartment in the building. For sure there will be no noise, no unpleasant odor and no leaking.


We work with different classes of residential buildings High End, Economy Plus and Economy. 


HVAC Maintenance Programs for Commercial Buildings

HVAC Maintenance program for commercial buildings takes into account he importance of the purpose of the building. Is it an Business Center, where are a lot of offices or is at a Pet Hospital and Shelter?

We have a special approach to each maintenance program.


 Our portfolio includes churches, veterinary hospitals, offices etc.

Modern Building
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