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Energy Saving Tips

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Routine inspection of your HVAC system by a certified specialist is important to ensure your AC unit is running efficiently (Click here to schedule an appointment now). Proper care between visits can help you maintain and achieve additional energy savings this summer.

1. Change filters monthly

Clogged and dirty filters block normal airflow. The most important maintenance task to ensure the efficiency is to replace your filter. This can lower your energy consumption by 15%.

2. Clean your vents

Dust and debris make your system work harder - costing you more money. To clean:

  • Vacuum: Use the crevice extension to get into vent slots.

  • Wash: Remove vent cover and wash it with dish soap.

  • Cobweb Duster: Get into the vent with a duster as far as you can.

3. Clean condenser coils

Clogged condenser coils produce 30% more energy. To clean:

  • Remove visible grass and dust with a whisk broom.

  • Spray coil cleaner into coils and waits 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Gently rinse with water spray to avoid bending the fins.

4. Clear plants, but keep the shade

Let your air conditioner breathe by clearing away plants that can block air flow and make your AC work harder. Make sure you keep your AC unit shaded, that can save you 10% on electricity.

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