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Mini Split / VRF System Installation in Encino, Sherman Oaks end Beyond


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Sleeping Like a Baby

Andes Air Conditioning is committed to the spread of green energy efficient technologies among our community in order to reduce the negative impact on our environment and the use of natural resources.


Installing a Mini Split/VRF can help avoid a lot of problems^


When You are living all together it's hard to make everybody happy with temperature. And it's understandable! Imagine, your teen child likes to sleep with window open while your baby needs to be in a comfort warm temperature. How would You solve this problem?


Exactly! Mini Split/ VRF System Installation helps  differentiate your house into various temperature zones. You got better comfort for less money!



How many times You were disturb by terrible noise by Your AC? Have You eve jumped in the middle of the night from a sharp sound your AC made?


Forget about it forever! Mini Split / VRF System Installation solves this problem. No noise. Just comfort and peace. 


Have You ever thought that You can have more space for Your hobby, favorite furniture or paint, high tech training apparatus etc if you say NO to old fashion AC System?


NO WAY! - this is common reaction of our Clients, who have already completed Mini Split / VRF System Installation. No ducts systems make your house spacious and save place for things you really love. 

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