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Easy DIY Commercial AC Installation Guide 

If you’re looking for an excellent place to have your commercial AC installation, look no further. Andes Air Conditioning is one of the most reliable solutions centers you can have a good AC installation. 

We also offer services such as service & repair, ventilation, insulation, HVAC installation, etc. 

How to Do a Commercial AC Installation Yourself

We’ve provided a comprehensive guide on installing a commercial AC yourself. We also advise you to seek help from experts when you get stuck. 

  • Access the space size: You’ll need more AC units for a larger commercial space. So, you must check the building space to determine the size of the air conditioner you’d be installing.

  • Select the cooling system type: Several factors, such as your facilities, space size, capacity, etc., can influence your choice of cooling system size. You can seek guidance for the proper one for your commercial space. 

  • Access the temperature conditions: Since commercial spaces can have kitchens or manufacturing areas with more heat, It’s advisable to analyze the conditions of such areas. You can install AC systems with zone-controlling capabilities for more effectiveness in such areas. 

  • Choose the right AC unit size: Once you’ve analyzed the temperature conditions of your commercial space, it’s time to choose the right AC unit size. A technician can help you to find the one with the functional capacity to serve your space. 

  • Conduct duct installation: The even distribution of cold and hot air through your space can be determined by the AC duct layout. Install the duct layout properly to ensure cold air reaches all the necessary areas. 

  • Install the HVAC unit and Thermostat: Brand new ACs come with thermostats to help to regulate the temperature in your commercial space. Install the HVAC unit on a strong wall that can support its size and weight. Ensure where you install the unit is far from heat or direct sunlight. 

  • Test your AC: Test the AC to see if it’s working once you’re done with the installation. We advise you to seek help from a technician if you notice any issue you can’t handle. This will avoid further damage to your AC unit. 

The Best AC Installation Los Angeles

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best AC installation Los Angeles. We provide energy-efficient air conditioning solutions to various homes and commercial areas. 

Our commitment remains to provide exceptional services that our clients will love. 

Contact us today for your residential and commercial AC installation, and watch us serve you well, regardless of your budget. 

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